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PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 01:23:51 am    Post subject: Memories/Archives! Reply with quote

2010 SPL Clan Breakdown (this is what was expected and predicted to be done)

MM looks like they’ll be the best of the rest. They’re like a poor man’s Violent, comprised of laggers that can prove tricky to hit. Memento Mori is a bit of a mystery as they had a strong showing last SPL, then were a huge disappointment in the USL. Albeit, the USL was the Flint, MI of competitive Spark Leagues last season, we’re all left wondering if they’ll be the same clan we saw a year ago. They do have a solid top lineup, but they lack that single fragging force that the previous 5 clans have.


MM members compared to NBA Players


Allen Iverson: Considered to be one of the best PG’s ever to grace the NBA. Unfortunately for Iverson fans, he has definitely taken a tumble and he only averaged around 10 PPG this year. Can this person regain his skill before its completely over for him? He was considered to be a #1/#2 player back then and is now out of the top 20. Hopefully, he’ll be “tempted” to get his skill back.


Andray Blatche: It was the year where everyone thought the Wizards would make the playoffs. Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison and Brendan Haywood. Everything was going fine, but for some reason, they couldn’t win games. Then terrible things happened. Arenas gets banned for bringing in guns to the locker room. Wizards keep losing so they decide to build a new dynasty and get rid of their players. Jamison gets traded to the Cavs so he can try and win his first championship. Butler and Haywood get traded to the Mavericks. Whose left? No one. But someone shines. A highly unlikely character. Andray Blatche becomes a power house and dominates in all statistics including PTS, REB and ASSISTS. Despite that the Wizards kept losing, Blatche was still able to put dominant figures up. Who am I? (This is under the impression he hasn’t left his clan)

Prodigy (also including ProFane)

Andray Blatche Part II: As seen from above, Andray Blatche dominated in his stats. He averaged around 23 pts per game, 7 rebounds and 5 assists after everyone left the Wizards. He was a force. But was this all getting to his head? Was he solely caring about stats? Some people think so… After they watched a youtube video. Before I show the video, let me explain to you what a triple double is. A triple double in the NBA is a person who gets double digit figures in 3 statistics categories. For example: 10 POINTS, 10 REBOUNDS, 10 ASSISTS = TRIPLE DOUBLE. That is a highly respectable stat due its unlikelihood. Here is a funny video of Blatche desperately attempting to get a triple double and getting angry at his teammate for getting a rebound: . Similarly in Spark, these two people tend to leave the server once they have a negative K/D ratio. They claim that its due to a connection error or a lag issue but we know whats going on folks. Are these statistics going to their heads? Are they BLATCHED? Blasphemous Phenomenon these individuals are. Who are we? (2 people)


Tracy McGrady: At his best form, he was considered as a top player, up there with Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant. He was most famous for scoring I believe 13 points in the span of a minute to win a game for the Rockets. Where is he now? Injury and injury has depreciated his skill. He is now attempting a comeback, as he got picked up before the trade deadline to the NY Knicks. Will this sparker be able to get back into his true form with his new found clan? Only time will tell. If he fails, we sure will have a speech for his Spark funeral.

Oh I should probably remember how I got NoF dropped out of SPL, was blamed for SPL being moved back a week, RS getting kicked out, and NoF practically just about dying. Whoops. Sweet editorial though!

To Perspolis: C’mon man. Why do you get active and keep the NoF tag? You could’ve made the decision a long time ago to quit, and instead you fuck over your clanmates and the SPL. Your actions alone were the catalyst to both SPL being pushed back and a whole new schedule being devised.

Then came the Power Ranking before week 1 began by Turbo.

#6 MM
Starters: ScarFace, Tempest, Croa, Axion
Subs: Doth, Prodigy

Where the hell are these guys? A clan that can give great contention isn’t really active and SPL is less than a week away… It seems like they are either very busy, or they just don’t care. I remember pre-SPL last year, tempest would be pubbing it 24/7 and would also set up randoms. He is nowhere to be found now. I see ScarFace smurfing sometimes but hes going to be needing assistance if they want to get past the first round in the playoffs. Noodle is also very inactive, he would have been of good use with his lag but it seems like his real life is caving in on him. Not impressed with this clan.

Well guys congratulations on proving the skeptics wrong, we not only made the playoffs, we avoided finishing 6th and finished 4th. We should have managed 3rd but we had some unlucky matches where we ended up in a tie. We also made it past the 1st round into the semi-finals where we gave the more than likely champions (who are up 2-0 right now in the series) TBWA a hard fought battle, though statistics don't show it. The season was fun to watch you guys, and I am very fortunate to have even participated with all of you! Thanks for the hard work everyone!

Some Facts

Clan: Memento Mori
Overall Record: 9 wins 7 losses 3 ties
Record on Green Team 3 wins 4 losses 3 ties
Record on Red Team 3 wins 3 losses
Most Games Played: Tempest with 15 games played
Most Kills: Croa with 171 Kills
Most Kills Per Game: Nexuz with 15.18 kpg
Best Flagging Percentage: Croa with 37.50%
Most Flag Caps: Croa with 6 caps

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 01:26:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

its cute, i like know, your cute too perspolis
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